TriAction Toys Boglins 8-Inch Foam Monster Puppet – Dwork





Having risen through the ranks of the Jokers, King Dwork, who was found to have created some of the most notorious practical jokes in Boglin history, was finally made King of the Jokers. He deposed the old king with a whoopee cushion, a banana peel, and a water balloon. He assumed the throne with a boisterous fart that was heard throughout the kingdom and was cheered by all his followers. Many woman and children were incapacitated by the fumes and needed to be resuscitated. He possesses the Supersilliest Scepter of Sanmarcan. He won this at great personal cost at the infamous Battle of Biv.

Created by Tim Clarke, Maureen Trotto and Larry Mass, Boglins are the ultimate in gross-era toys from the 1980s. Back by popular demand, Boglins are the same collectible toys you grew up to love. Fresh content for these Boglins toys is in the works for all fans to enjoy, including many improvements in material. Alas, Boglins are back!


  • King Dwork collectible Boglins figure
  • This toy arrives contained in his in cage: L: 8” x W: 7.75” x H: 8.25” – perfect for display
  • With super stretchy skin, King Dwork features movable eyes and mouth
  • Glow-in-the-dark eyes make this toy interactive day or night
  • Made with TPR – a rubber-like material that is also recyclable
  • Boglins are popular retro toys brought back from the 1980s!
  • Great for kids 5+ and collectors
  • Also available: King Drool and King Vlobb – Collect all three!

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