Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo

2017 Registration and Rules

(Details subject to change)

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  • Where: 

Parkersburg Art Center

725 Market St

Parkersburg, West Virginia

  • When: 

March 4, 2017 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

March 5, 2017 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • General Admission

Admission: $5 per person. Kids 10 and under are free with paid adult admission. (All proceeds go to The Parkersburg Art Center and Downtown PKB)

2 Day Pass: $8 per person.

  • Vendor Information

Dealer set up March 3: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and March 4: 8 am

Tables and Fees: 8 FT spaces (with either 6 or 8 foot table provided) with extra additional room behind tables for $50 (no discount on multiples). Please contact us in advance if you need any special requirements for table set up i.e. electric hook ups. Money from the table fees will be donated to The Parkersburg Art Center. You will be able to bring 2 helpers per space with you. Any more will need to pay at the door.

Payment: Make checks out to: Classic Plastics Toy Store.
Mail to Classic Plastics Toy Store, 2702 Emerson Ave, Parkersburg, WV 26104.

Cancellations and refunds: Full refunds will be granted to anyone needing to cancel up until January 31, 2017. No refunds will be given after this date. Any dealer who hasn’t arrived by 10 am the morning of the show may lose their space.

  • Rules:
    • No Carnival Barking
    • No smoking, drugs, alcohol, or weapons allowed. No smoking includes vaping, e-cigs, or simliar devices.
    • Merchandise must be family friendly material. No adult material allowed to be sold or displayed for sale at the tables. Only material 18 and under allowed for sale.
    • No tape, nails, staples, etc. may be attached to walls and each vendor is responsible for their own trash upon leaving.
    • Vendor’s will not tear down until after the show has closed.
    • Vendor’s licenses, sales tax, and any other municipal, state or federal requirements for sales are the sole responsibility of the vendor.
    • The sale of pirated or bootleg merchandise is forbidden.
    • The promoter is not responsible for any theft or loss. Vendors accept full responsibility for loss or injury to themselves, their family, staff or property while attending the convention and expressly release Classic Plastics Toy Store and any of their agents from all liability.
    • The promoter reserves the right to revoke or refuse any application or to deny access to or remove vendors or exhibitors from the convention at any time prior to or during the event.
    • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Costume weapons must not be functional. Any projectile type weapons must not be loaded or pointed at any attendees. Simulated weapons are allowed as part of your costume but must conform to any local, state, or federal laws.


  • Contact Info:

[email protected] or come to 406 Market Street and talk to us in person.

Event Times & Locations
Saturday March 4th in the Art Center Art Factory Basement Space:
All Day: Free play modern & retro games presented by Rare Drops
Free tabletop game library with J&M Books/Industry WV
Free dungeon crawl
Savor Saturday in Downtown Parkersburg(outside)
Tim Clarke autographs & toy photo opportunities* *
11:00 AM: Steve Cardenas autographs & photo opportunities* *
12:00 PM: PokeStop Lures(outside in Downtown Parkersburg)&
Mario Kart 8 Wii U Tournament(16 player max)*
2:00 PM: $14 Arrow & Flash Dicemasters Draft &
$25 Pokemon Booster Draft
2:30 PM: Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U Tournament (16 player max) *
3:00 PM: Steve Cardenas autographs & photo opportunities* *
4:00 PM: Cosplay Contest in Art Center’s First Floor Main Gallery

Saturday’s After-Expo Events in Downtown Parkersburg:
6:00PM – 9:00PM: Parkersburg Brewing Co. at 707 Market Street will be hosting a hard cider tasting featuring Swilled Dog Hard Cider!
All Ages welcome for food and non-alcoholic drinks, 21+ up for beer tasting.

8:00PM: The Actors Guild of Parkersburg at 724 Market Street will be presenting Disney’s version of Alice in Wonderland!
Sunday March 5th in the Art Center Art Factory Basement Space:
All Day: Free play modern & retro games presented by Rare Drops
Tim Clarke autographs & toy photo opportunities* *
11:00 AM: Story Time with Vienna Public Library &
Learn to Play Hero Realms with Industry WV (11:00AM – 1:00PM)
11:30 AM: LEGO Building
12:00 PM: Comic Crafting &
Street Fighter V Tournament(16 player max)*
1:00 PM: Story Time with Vienna Public Library &
Steve Cardenas autographs & photo opportunities**
$6 Hero Realms Tournament
1:30 PM: LEGO Building
2:00 PM: Comic Crafting
2:30 PM: Mortal Kombat X Tournament(16 player max)*
3:00 PM: Story Time with Vienna Public Library
3:30 PM: LEGO Building

* Video game tournament rules TBA prior to start. Video game tournaments are non-sanctioned, free to play, friendly tournaments but will mirror common tournament formats.

* * Steve Cardenas autograph price is $30, photo price $30, or both for $50;
Tim Clarke autograph price is $20. Steve is located at booth 78 & Tim is located at booth 77, both in the Second Floor Ballroom.

Facebook Event Page:

2. Rochstar Collectables
9. TransHunter Toys- G1 Transformers, Simpsons, Lego, Power Rangers, and more!
11. Dizzyboy Productions
12. Terry Ervin
13. Movie Music and More
14. Movie Music and More
15. Monogram Magic-
16. Monogram Magic-
17. Lavana Lemley
18. C.O Creations
19. Legacy Collect Comics
20.Legacy Collect Comics
21. Chippies Anime- Located in Marietta Ohio and will be bringing a large assortment of anime, mange, and pop culture items
22. Deadnecks
23. Super-Fly Comics & Games:
24. Super-Fly Comics & Games: /
25. Super-Fly Comics & Games:
26. Super-Fly Comics & Games:
27. Super-Fly Comics & Games:
30. Valley of Smoke – KCG
31. Lost Toys & Collectables
32. Toys N Games
35. Stubbgirl crafts
36. Comics and Kicks
37. The Iron Mace
38. The Iron Mace
39. Time Warp Toyz
40. The Iron Mace
41. Chris & Kea’s Excellent Toy Adventure
43. Lost Legion
44. Reyes’ Retro & More
45. Ren Mckinzie –
46. Ren Mckinzie –
47. Ren Mckinzie –
48. Ren Mckinzie –
49. Bombshell Cupcakes & Cookies
50. The Hyve of Villainy:
51. The Hyve of Villainy:
52. The Hyve of Villainy:
53. Richard Starcher
54. The Shire
55. Jason Lewis
56. James Patrick – Comic books, prints, and other works by him
58. Quiver Valley
59. Third Floor Comics –
60. Third Floor Comics –
61. Third Floor Comics –
62. Third Floor Comics –
63. Harley’s Stitch and Craft Shop
64. Brian’s Basement: Transformers (G1-modern), PVC toys, action figures, sci-fi, comics, anime figs, & toys 70’s to now
65. Kevin Grubb: Vintage and a few newer toys,  a few comics,  some vintage video games
66. Kevin Grubb: Vintage and a few newer toys,  a few comics,  some vintage video games
67. Kevin Grubb: Vintage and a few newer toys,  a few comics,  some vintage video games
68. Mountain State Pop Expo: Advertising for this years Mountain State Pop Expo in Charleston
69. Glen Brogan
70. Causeplayers
71. Mandalorian Mercs
73. Ghostbusters WV Division
74. J.R Earls- Art, prints, Caricatures
75. Heroes of Theia
76. Heroes of Theia
77. Tim Clarke- A 1980’s toy creator of Sectaurs, Boglins, and a whole lot more
78. Steve Cardenas – Rocky The Red Ranger
79. Dirt Candy Photography
80. Jason Pell- Artist selling art prints and more
82. Broken Icon Comics
83. Geek-Cessories


COSPLAY CRAFTSMANSHIP CONTEST: Would you love to show off your awesome cosplay on stage? When you register for the cosplay craftsmanship contest, you will be given a chance to show off your costume on stage! Even if you rather not be judged, we have a exhibition walk-ons category as well.


EXHIBITION: This category is for people who only want to show off their costume on stage for fun. It will not be for competing to receive awards. This category allows: commission costumes and store-bought costumes. There will be a limit to this category depending on contestants.

JUNIORS (Ages 12 and under): This category is for those who are 12 and under. You are allowed to receive help on your costume from friends and family.

ORIGINAL DESIGN: This category is for all costumes that are based on your own design or a fanart design. There is no award limitation for this category.

NOVICE: This category is for contestants that are new to making costumes for themselves. No more than 1 major award and/or no more than 4 costumes made.

JOURNEYMAN: This category is for contestants that have won no more than 3 major awards and/or more than 10 costumes made.


All costumes must have been made from scratch by the costume creator. Most of your items need to be made by you. Commissioned costumes cannot be entered into the contest but is welcomed to be in the exhibition category. No fanart costumes will only be permitted in the original design category. All costumes must be derived from the original source material/artist/creator.

You can register for the contest at the cosplay sign-in/judging table. Remember if your costume is being judged for craftsmanship you must have a printed reference of your character for the accuracy score. It is preferred for it to be a color printout, but bringing figures, tablets, manga, books, laptops, etc., will also be accepted. We will schedule you a time at sign-up to come back for judging of your outfit. Judging will be on 10 minute blocks so make sure to come a little early for your time just in case someone drops. You must be on time for your judging spot or you will have to re-register for a time if there is one still available. So coming early and waiting is encouraged!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the convention in March! Be sure to join us!